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Perfect Lunch: Tarragon Soup & Langos

 40 € or 45 $ / course. We will make the dishes for 4 people. The maximum participants are 10. Private event: 100 € or 110 $ – In this case, other people can not join this event, only you and we will make the dish for 4 people. Please, book the event at least 2 days in advance.

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In this course we make a perfect lunch. It includes a delicious chicken soup with a lot of vegetables and the most popular Hungarian street food, the Langos. If you like to knead the dough, it is perfect choice for you. Come with me!

The Menu:

  1. Chicken ragout soup with tarragon,
  2. Langos – deep fried flat bread.

Necessary kitchen equipment:

Large pot, cutting board, Chef’s knife, teaspoon, glass, kitchen scale, plates, grater, big and small mixing bowl, tablespoon, baking sheet, baking paper, fork, paper towels or dishtowels.

Technical background:

Computer, tablet or smartphone with camera and microphone, high speed internet, Zoom program.
You can download the program: