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Layered Potato & Gundel Pancake

 40 € or 45 $ / course. We will make the dishes for 4 people. The maximum participants are 6. Private event: 100 € or 110 $ – In this case, other people can not join this event, only you and we will make the dish for 4 people. Please, book the event at least 2 days in advance.

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This is one on my favourite Hungarian dish and I recommend you the try it. The Layered Potato is a typical one-plate dish with hard-boiled egg, spicy sausage and sour cream. It is a great choice regardless of the season. I love to eat immediately from the oven and next day from the fridge as well – it means I am fan. During this main course in baking in the oven, I should make a light dessert: it is the Gundel pancake.

The Menu:

  1. Layered potatoes with spicy sausage
  2. Gundel pancake

Necessary kitchen equipment:

Medium ovenproof dish, medium pot, cutting board, wooden spoon, Chef’s knife, peeler, teaspoon, glass, measuring cup, ladle, plates, pancake pan, baking sheet, grater, big and small mixing bowl, pastry brush, tablespoon, teaspoon, paper towels or dishtowels.

Technical background:

Computer, tablet or smartphone with camera and microphone, high speed internet, Zoom program.
You can download the program: