Carnival Memories

I would like to write about a story so that you know us better and it is a current topic, too. What could be more up-to-date in February than the carnival?

I tried to remember what kind of carnival I had in my childhood but I just remember a strory.

Long time ago there was a tradition when I was growing up. At Carnival time children put on costumes and went from house to house and asked for some doughnuts. I was 7 or 8 years old. One carnival I remember that I didn’t have a costume. I started to draw, stick, paint. I got immersed in the work and I didn’t realize that it was late in the evening. So my father wouldn’t let me collect doughtnuts. It is my story. I know it isn’t a good story, so yesterday I spoke to Ildiko. I hoped she had a better carnival story.

Her story is about when she was 2 or 3 years old. Her family was waiting for the carnival very much. Her mother sewed 2 fantastic costumes for her daugthers while they forgot little Ildiko. While they were preparing for the party, little Ildiko sneaked into the bathroom and she ate a soap. Everybody was suddenly freightened, the doctor came and nobody went to the carnival.

I think this two stories aren’t the best and we have never participated in a carnival since our childhood so we have to catch up. I promise next time I’ll write about Hungarian carnival food.

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