Goulash Soup and Apple Strudel

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Have you heard much about Hungarian Goulashsoup? It is more than the simple soup, becauseit is very rich and it includes beef meat and different root vegetables, so it is like a one-plate-dish.  The other part ofthis menu is the Apple strudel which is light, delicious and easy to make. During the Strudel making I would like to share some tricks with you as well.

Goulash and Strudel – they complement each other perfectly.

The Menu:

  1. Traditional Hungarian Goulash soup
  2. Apple Strudel with filo dough

Necessary kitchen equipment:

Medium pot with lid, cutting board, wooden spoon, Chef’s knife, peeler, teaspoon, glass, measuring cup, ladle, plates, baking sheet, grater, big and small mixing bowl, pastry brush, tablespoon, teaspoon, baking paper, paper towels or dishtowels.

Technical background:
Computer, tablet or smartphone with camera and microphone, high speed internet, Skype, FaceTime or Zoom program.
You can download one of the programs:
FaceTime – it in on iPhone.

35 € or 40 $ /course. – We will make an ample dose for 2 people. The maximum participants are 6. Private event: 90 € or 95 $ – In this case, other people can not join this event, only you and we will make the dish for 2 or 4 people. Please, book the event at least 3 days in advance.

You can book by calendar as well: