Hungarian Cooking Course

Hungarian Cooking Course

I love cooking and eating great food. It is fantastic when my kitchen is full of life: somebody is chopping onions, someone else is preparing the meat or is kneading dough. The pots are bubbling and we are talking and laughing and sipping delicious wine and the smell of the food fills the whole flat. This is how we cook together in my kitchen. This is the atmosphere you can enjoy at our Hungarian cooking courses. Come and join a Private Cooking Course, which is a great opportunity to learn about everyday life, customs and Hungarian hospitality.

What I offer:

  • from the beginning to the end – we prepare together a traditional 3-course Hungarian menu (soup, main course and dessert),
  • all the ingredients, kitchen pots and equipment,
  • my help and guidance (I am a professional cook),
  • 4-hour cooking experience with interesting information and stories about Hungarian culture, customs and everyday life,
  • the recipes of the dishes, which you can take home and organise a special event for your family or friends,
  • during the cooking you can taste the typical Hungarian bites as well,
  • drinks: Palinka (fruit brandy), Hungarian wine, soft drinks, mineral water, tea and coffee,
  • at the end of the cooking we will eat together and enjoy the result of your efforts,
  • free taxi (I pick you up in front of your accommodation and at the end of the program I take you back there).

Important information:

  • minimum participants are 2 persons, maximum 12
  • in case you are alone, please contact me because you may be able to join a group
  • if you prefer a private occasion, we charge 50% extra cost
  • if you are a group of more than 6 people, please ask for an individual offer
  • appointment must be agreed on in advance (24 hours before)
  • please inform me if you are allergic to anything, for example: gluten, milk, milk-sugar, nut, egg, etc.
  • no problem, if you are a vegetarian, I am flexible and I can offer a special menu for you
  • please let me know your accommodation address, because I pick you up  there before the event


  • Morning course:  9.30am  – 1.30pm,
  •  Evening course: 4.30pm – 8.30pm (Please let me know, which you prefer.)

Price: 80 € / person (Over 2 guests, we offer 5 € discount off the price for every further person)

Payment: You can pay in cash after the program or transfer the money to my bank account (in this case, please, contact me) depending on which is more suitable for you. I accept Euros or Hungarian Forints. If you are not satisfied with my service, you will get a 100% refund of the price of the meals.

Choose from the Following Menus

Hungarian Menu A:

Sour cherry soup

Chicken paprikas with homemade dumplings

Pancake Hungarian style

Hungarian Menu B:

Fish soup

Beef stew with egg barley

Hungarian apple pie

Hungarian Menu C:

Goulash soup

Salty meat pancake Hortobagy style

Gerbeaud layer cake

Hungarian Menu D:

Chicken ragout soup with tarragon

Stuffed peppers with tomato sauce


Hungarian Menu E:

Creamy potato soup with smoked sausage

Stuffed cabbage

Poppy-seed bread dumplings with vanilla custard