Strudel Making Course

Strudel Making Course

The Strudel is a typical Habsburg-Empire dessert, but it can be originated to the Turkish influence in Hungary. It is an essential part of the wedding dinner in the countryside. I use my mother’s recipe who makes the stretched version. This Strudel pastry is elastic, very thin and it is stretched by the hand. We make sweet and salty versions as well. Where I grew up, there were some typical fillings: poppy-seed with pumpkin, sweet or salty cabbage and sweet cottage cheese cream. Now you can make these on my special baking course. Come and join my hands-on program, learn my family tricks and, at the end of the course, enjoy the result of your efforts.

It contains:

Important information:

Time & Price:

  • Morning course: 9.30am – 12.00am and 65 € + VAT/person
  • Afternnon: 2.30pm – 5.00pm and 65 € + VAT/person
  • Evening course: 5.30pm – 8.00pm and 70 € + VAT/person

Please, let us know, which time you want to bake with me.

VAT: 0% for private person, 27% for company

Payment: You can pay in cash after the program or transfer the money to my bank account (in this case, please, contact me) depending on which is more suitable for you. I accept Euros, US Dollars or Hungarian Forints. If you are not satisfied with my service, you will get a 100% refund of the price of the meals.