Discover Hungary Through Gastronomy!

For Groups

Our bigger place is perfect for groups. Team building activity, bachelorette party, family event and so...

For Groups

Our huge place is perfect for bigger groups where 12 - 42 people can cook and bake together as well. Make the occasion memorable!

Langos Making Class

The Langos is the most popular street food in Hungary which everyone loves. On this course you can make and enjoy it with a glass of wine.

Langos Making Class

Have you ever tasted the Langos? Join us on this class, make Langos together and learn about different versions, toppings and origin of this street food.

Strudel Making Class

100 % hands-on stretching Strudel making course with different fillings, tricks and tips by family recipes. Learn about the secret of this dessert.

Strudel Making Class

Come, join us on this unique course, taste this traditional dessert with different fillings and learn about local ingredients and Hungary. A pleasant atmosphere is guaranteed.

Why Choose Us


I’m a professional chef, so I offer you my help, guidance and I share with you some useful ideas, tricks and advice as well.


We have 2 places in the downtown that are easily accessible, so you do not have to spend your time with unnecessary travel.


The ‘FLAVORS of Budapest’ has always been my dream, so I do my best in order to provide you with a memorable experience.

Many Extras

Unlimited food & drink consumption, tasting local ingredients, a lot of information & stories, private events.

2 Kitchen Studios in the Centre


This kitchen studio is located in a historical block of flats in the Jewish Quarter. It has vintage style furniture, with warm colors and several nice objects in order to create a friendly and cosy atmosphere. 


This kitchen is located right behind the splendid State Opera House (pedestrian street). This studio has a big, well-equipped kitchen and a spacious dining room on the balcony.