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What my visitors say…

What a lovely day we had with you in Budapest, it was a true Taste of Hungary. Both Kate and I loved our experience in the market full of delicious smells and visions of colour and bustle, then to be able to go home with you to your delightful apartment and prepare all the purchases. Your kitchen was so well arranged and you were so well prepared that the whole experience was seamless, and it was a joy to have you share your talents. We both learned a lot. And finally to sit down and eat all the delicious flavours that you helped us pull together. It was such a scrumptious! The biggest bonus was meeting you – your warmth and friendliness was endearing, and being able to spend time in a very delightful Hungarian home gave us such a feeling of being part of the Hungarian way of life.


We were on our europe trip through multiple countries this summer and Budapest was on of the cities. We’ve been in Budapest before and wanted to learn how to cook Hungarian Langos. So we were looking for places where we could learn that and Kitchen Pixie was the one we picked. Marti from Kitchen Pixie met us, told us a lot of interesting stories and tought us how to cook Langos. That was an excellent experience and we are really happy that picked this course. Thank you Marti for your lesson, great time spent on the kitchen, we wish you much happinies, luck, love, new courses and all the best! One day we’ll be back in Budapest and hopefully will get to meet again!


Trying to find something a little different in a new city, I discovered Kitchen Pixie, owned by local Marti. We arrived to her apartment that is used for the kitchen and dining, so it was a treat to see what a true Budapest apartment would look like. She has a fabulous kitchen set up with a large island for cooking classes and demonstrations. My friends and I chose her full dinner and it was delicious. She served a variety of local dishes and beverages that we enjoyed. One member of our group has dietary restrictions and Marti made some dishes that she could eat, as well. We can’t say enough good things about the experience!


Why choose me

I'am a Cook

I’m a professional local cook, so I offer you my help, guidance and I share with you some useful ideas, tricks and advice as well.


My place is in the downtown, so it is easily accessible and you do not have to spend your time with unnecessary travel.


The Kitchen Pixie Budapest has always been my dream, so I do my best in order to provide you with a memorable experience.

Many Extras

Unlimited food & drink consumption, tasting local ingredients, recommendations, small groups, private programs, free taxi.

Stories and Recipes

My video

I am happy to let you know that I started own channel on Youtube. On this I would like to share everything about Hungary, because it is a great place and it is worth visiting here.  I hope you like this and follow me on Youtube as well.

Potato Stew

Here is the very easy vegetable stew for lunch. If you don’t have enough time, it is worth to make it.

5 medium pilled potato, 1 medium brown onion, 2 cloves of garlic, 3 bay leaves, 2 tbsp fat or oil, 150 ml cooking cream, 1-2 tbsp cornstarch, water. Salt, black pepper and sweet red paprika powder to taste. 1 tsp vinegar (optional).

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I am a Professional Cook

So far, I have not written about it here, however many of my friends and guests know it and it means a lot to me. In 2016 I passed the exam and I am happy to report that I am a cook. Well, let’s start it at the beginning. A long time ago I was a marketing manager and the cooking was only my hobby. I cooked and baked for my family and friends at home and I loved to host them. Then my life changed. Earlier the Kitchen Pixie was only a dream but because my career as marketing manager was finished, suddenly it became a reality. I founded the Kitchen Pixie and started to organize more culinary programs and I felt it is my way. I wanted to be better and better in this, so I decided to become a cook. I learnt and worked a lot, it was hard work, but I enjoyed every moment of it. (Okay, there were some days in July when the temperature was more than 40 degrees Celsius in the restaurant’s kitchen and I felt it was crazy). During my practice time, I worked in SOFITEL Budapest Chain Bridge Hotel and ARANY KAVIAR Restaurant. I met a lot of fantastic chefs and teachers who helped my development. Please, let me share the reference from ARANY KAVIAR Restaurant with you…