Hungarian Cooking Class

Hungarian Cooking Class

Great Hungarian cooking class with tourists from USA

I love cooking and eating great food. It is fantastic when my kitchen is full of life, so somebody is chopping onions, someone else is preparing the meat or is kneading dough. The pots are bubbling and we are talking and laughing and sipping delicious wine and the smell of the food fills the whole flat. This is how we cook together in my kitchen. This is the atmosphere you can enjoy at our Hungarian cooking classes. Located in the heart of Budapest’s culinary scene, our state-of-the-art kitchens provides a welcoming and interactive environment.

As a local chef, I will guide you through the preparation of iconic Hungarian dishes, such as the world-famous Goulash Soup, Chicken Paprikash or Stuffed Cabbage. My cooking class is designed for all levels, whether you’re a seasoned chef or a complete beginner. Discover the rich and flavorful traditions of Hungarian cuisine as I take you on a culinary journey.


I look forward to welcoming you to my Hungarian Cooking Class!

What we offer:

Important information:

Time & Price:

Payment: You can pay in cash after the program or transfer the money to my bank account (in this case, please, contact me) depending on which is more suitable for you. I accept Euros, US Dollars or Hungarian Forints. If you are not satisfied with my service, you will get a 100% refund of the price of the meals.

Cooking studio Boulevard vintage style

Choose from the Following Menus

Hungarian Menu A:
Fresh cold Sour Cherry Soup with whipped cream

Sour cherry soup

Chicken paprikas with homemade dumplings and pickles on a nice plate by Marti chef

Chicken paprikas with homemade dumplings

Delicious traditional Gundel Pancake on a nice blue plate

Gundel Pancake

Hungarian Menu B:
Creamy green peas soup with ground cheese on the top

Creamy green peas soup

Beef stew with egg barley with red wine

Beef stew with egg barley

Amazing and tasty Sweet cottage cheese balls with sour cream

Sweet cottage cheese balls

Hungarian Menu C:
Amazing Goulash soup with all traditional ingredients

Goulash soup

Delicious salty meat pancake Hortobagy style with sour cream

Salty meat pancake Hortobagy style

Amazing and famous Gerbeaud layer cake

Gerbeaud layer cake

Hungarian Menu D:
Amazing Chicken ragout soup with tarragon in a nice plate

Chicken ragout soup with tarragon

Amazing Stuffed peppers with tomato sauce

Stuffed peppers with tomato sauce

Tasty Strudel with apple and cottage cheese fillings made with filo dough


Hungarian Menu E:
Creamy Potatoe soup with sausage in a nice grey plate

Creamy potato soup with smoked sausage

great and tasty stuffed cabbage with sour cream in a green plate

Stuffed cabbage

Poppy Seed Bread Dumplings with Vanilla pudding

Poppy-seed bread dumplings with vanilla custard

Hungarian Vegetarian Menu:

Fresh cold Sour Cherry Soup with whipped cream

Cold Sour Cherry Soup

Mushroom Paprikash with Small Dumplings not only for for vegetarians

Mushroom Paprikash with Small Dumplings

Amazing and tasty Poppy Seed Bread Dumplings

Poppy-seed Bread Dumplings with Vanilla Custard