Baking and Pastry Class A

Baking & Pastry Course – Menu A

Langos (Fried flat bread)

The Langos is a traditional fried flate cake made from soft dough. It is assumed to have been taken over from Turkish cuisine during the Turkish occupation while others believe is has its origin in ancient Rome. Nowadays it is part of every beach in the summer. There is no good beach without Langos. These two things go together. It has many variations. The most popular is Langos with some garlic sauce on top but Langos with sour cream and cheese is also common.

Main ingredients: flour, salt, water, yeast.

Gerbeaud layer cake

This is the most popular Hungarian dessert. At Christmas it can be found on every Hungarian dining table. A real Hungarian delicacy, however, its inventor Emil Gerbeaud was not Hungarian. Emil Gerbeaud came to Hungary for the invitation of Henrik Kugler and created this cake in the middle of the 19th century. It has soft pastry and it is filled with a cream mixture of apricot jam and ground walnut and the top is covered with chocolate.

Main ingredients: egg, yeast, flour, sugar, walnut, chocolate.

Sweet cottage cheese balls making

Sweet cottage cheese balls

The original pancake comes from ancient Roman times and was called in Latin placenta. This flat dough was baked on a round stone or on a bronze shield. Its ingredients were flour, water and a little salt. It had a very important role in feeding the Roman legions because it could be stored for a longer time. Nowadays it is made from milk and we also put eggs in it. We add homemade jams, cottage cheese, walnut, poppy-seed or cocoa powder and it is served for breakfast, lunch or dinner as well. On this baking course you can taste the pancake in different versions.

Main ingredients: flour, dairy product, egg.


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