Hungarian Menu B

Hungarian Cooking Class – Menu B

Creamy green peas soup with ground cheese on the top

Fish Soup

The Fish soup is first mentioned in 1871 in Rezi neni’s (Aunt Rezi) cookbook. The Hungarian name for fish soup actually refers to the fishermen (Halaszle meaning Fisherman’s soup) who made it. This is a very popular food in Hungary and there are a lot of variations. The two most famous of them are made in Szeged and Baja. Szeged is a third largest city in Hungary and lies on the banks of Tisza River.  In Szeged there is made a dense basic broth with onion, which is then pureed. In Baja, a southerly port on the Danube, they don’t sift the soup and in this soup, the most important ingredient is homemade ‘matchstick’ pasta. My Fish soup was made according to the recipe of  my father’s father who prefers Szeged style. The main point of recipe is that all ingredients are put into the soup at the same time. The basis of the original fish soup is a lot of good quality fish – mainly carp and catfish. You add Hungarian spices and wait patiently as this soup needs a lot of time to be ready. I love this soup because it is spicy, tasty and very delicious. If you prefer the same, it is a great choice for you.

Main ingredients: local fishes, onion, hot and sweet ground red paprika powder.

Beef stew with egg barley with red wine

Beef Stew with Small Dumplings

This is one of the most famous Hungarian dish and if you can make this, then you can cook almost everything what in Hungarian because this is the basic of Hungarian cuisine. I think this dish more manly than feminine because the beef meat is heavy, the sauce is thick and rich but overall it is very delicious. We serve this with egg barley (tarhonya), which we made together as well.

Main ingredients: beef meat, tomato, pepper, onion, red paprika powder.

Amazing and tasty Sweet cottage cheese balls with sour cream

Sweet Cottage Cheese Balls

In Hungary we eat a lot of dairy products. This dessert is a very good example of this in which the main ingredient is the dry cottage cheese and it is served with sweet sour cream. Very easy to make it and the result is so delicious. It is a great dessert after a hearty soup or main course.

Main ingredients: dairy, semolina, sugar, eggs


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