Cooking with a new friend – We will do it again

My husband, cousin and I met up with Marti at the Great Market where she introduced us to Hungarian food, history and culture. We began by tasting Langos, a fried bread delicacy that was so good. The day only got better. Marti gave us a ride to her kitchen apartment where we cooked, enjoyed local snacks and Palinka, while we followed cooking instruction and while the meal was simmering. What a meal it was! We had Potato Sausage Soup, Stuffed Cabbage, and Poppy Seed Bread Pudding, which I can't wait to make at home. This was one of the best days we spent in Budapest. I would do ir again.   - Jenna from Atlanta, US

Wonderful cooking lesson

We had a fantastic time with Marti cooking Hortobagy Pancakes, Goulash Soup and a kind of fruity chocolate cake. Even though we came late in the morning as we overslept, Marti was super nice and kind and guided us through the interesting Szimpla Kert Market. We got a cup of coffee and tried a few tasty bits of food during the sightseeing tour through the market. Afterwards we drove to Martis rented apartment that was located in a beautiful old building. We immediately felt very comfortable in her apartment and started cooking. Marti was talkative, very friendly, patient and helpful during the process of cooking as my boyfriend and I are not very experienced. The 5 hours of cooking flew by and while we prepared everything Marti offered us a great platter with sausages, cheeses and paprika bought at the market - yammi. Afterwards we very much enjoyed eating our delishous meal together with Marti. All in all we stayed with her from 9:15-15:30 which seemed like a long time but it was a truly wonderful experience and we definitely try to cook the recepies in Germany again. Thank you Marti we would do it anytime again! - Lilli-Jane & Lucas from Mannheim, Germany

A very beautiful trip with Marti

It was a perfect day with Marti. Good perfect Organisation, good Information at the Market, Nice Location for cooking and a beautyfull Day with Marti. I would do it again every time. Martin and his friends from Essen, Germany   - Martin & his friends from Essen, Germany