Hungarian vegetable-stew

Főzelék, special Hungarian dish, similar to pottage. It is a local speciality like the Christmas candy and Túró Rudi (chocolate covered cottage cheese stick). People in other countries don’t know how we cook it. It is a main course and it is made of a lot of vegetables, for example, potatoes, pumpkin, tomatoes, lentils, savoy cabbage or beans.

Pottage is very healthy and it is the first food which is given to babies. When my son was a little boy, he prefered pottage from asparagus. He was a little gourmet because only a few mothers use this vegetable for pottage and asparagus is still not popular in Hungary.

On weekdays my family often eat different pottages and we realy love them. Also like them because I can cook them quickly and they are filling the family are’t left hungry. It may also be an important consideration that it is a cheap meal. Today I made it with savoy cabbage and potatoes and I also fried some meatballs with it. It is a real spring dish.

Would you like to try it?

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