Pork skin crackling and Elderflower syrup

Last weekend I travelled to my parents and my mother gave me a rapid cooking class. I have never made crackling, so I was looking forward to cooking together.

The homemade crackling is made of pork fat. At first we cut it to pieces, then we put it in a big pan and fried it for almost 3 hours. When the pork fat pieces became red, we pressed the fat out of it and it was done. I think it is delicious and Ildiko will use it for paté or pogacsa (cake) too.

On Sunday we collected a lot of elderberry’s flowers because we wanted to make some bottles of syrup. This syrup consists of elderflower, sugar, lemon, citric acid, and hot water. The sugar is dissolved in hot water and you should add the other ingredients then we have to wait 2-4 days. This syrup with sparkling mineral water is a good refreshing drink.

Finally the elderflower’s syrup will be completed on Sunday when we would like to go to a picnic.

I took some photos of the result. What do you think?

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