Chimney Cake Festival in Budapest

The third Chimney Cake Festival will be held in the center of Budapest.

The main goal of the Festival is to promote the kürtőskalács itself and to present the traditional way of preparation thus cultivate old hungarian traditions.

This delicious cake is popular all around the hungarian speaking areas especially in Transylavania. Kürtöskalács was mentioned first around 1450 in a script from Heidleberg but it won its real popularity in the 18th century. Its name refers to the chimney of the stove. Earlier it was prepared only for special occasions but today it is common in the everydays as well. During its preparation a strip of yeasted dough is wrapped around a spit and then it is rolled in granulated sugar and baked above charcoal cinders and continously brush with melted butter until it gets golden colour and finally it is dusted in sugar or in other toppings, such as nuts, cinammon, chocolate or cocnut.

Don´t miss to taste this delicious chimney cake at Vajdahunyad Castle ( in City Park ) between 9-11th October where several free programs will be organised for the visitors.

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