Plum and making jam

From the end of September to the middle of October we have the plum season.

This fruit is very popular in Hungary and we use it in a lot of dishes, desserts and drinks. One of the most famous is the plum palinka (Hungarian brandy), which is a frequent ingredient in Hungarian and Jewish cuisine as well, but I don’t want to write about palinka.

If you have been reading our texts or visited our kitchen, you know we really love making jam. This year we have made jam of strawberries, sour cherries, apricot, figs and now plum, too. I think it was the last jam project this year. And to close this season we made jam of two different types of plum. The first version was made traditionally on the stove and we were mixing it for many hours. The result is a dark purple light cream. The other version was made in the oven and we have some jars of plum jam, which are thicker and darker than the first version, but both are very delicious.

They are certainly worth tasting.

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