Cooking together

There are two major types of people: who like cooking and who do not. Now, primarily this topic is for people who do not like cooking, however, if you are the opposite type, you may feel free to read as well.

What has cooking been providing me with?

When I was little girl, I made a lot of cakes from sand or play dough and had a restaurant where my dolls were my satisfied guests.

I played it with my classmates in the schoolyard as well. We utilized everything that we found. The pebble was the roll, the bark was the meat and flowers were the decoration on the top of the dish. All of us were interested in cooking and it was a great teambuilding game. Then at home I cooked and baked with my mother a lot. I remember I mixed more cream without blender until smooth. It was tiring but was useful for my endurance.


And now about the present: It is fantastic when our kitchen is full of life. Somebody is chopping onions and someone else is preparing the meat or is kneading dough. The pots are bubbling and we are talking and laughing and sipping delicious wine and the smell of the food fills the whole flat. This is how we cook together in our kitchen.

Since we started to organize cooking courses for tourists in Budapest, countless Hungarian and Jewish dishes have been cooked, we have met a lot of people, laughed a lot and we keep in touch up to this day. I got richer with friendships and experiences. Not only could I show Hungarian cuisine and hospitality, but I got to know numerous other cultures as well. I like making a lot effort in this activity.


When I don’t work at Kitchen Pixie, I cook and bake with my son the same way as I use to do with my mom. My son has a toy kitchen with some equipment and ingredients. When we have time we organize picnics and have lunch on the carpet. I think here is the new generation…


Here are some photos of special moments.

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