Garden on the balcony

When we cook we like using fresh spices, fruits and vegetables. Both live in a flat, so we don’t have any gardens. Szilvi is luckier than me, because her parents have a villa with a nice garden next to Budapest.
In this garden there are a lot of fruit trees, for example apple, apricot and sour cherry tree. Every year Szilvi makes homemade jam from this fruits. My parents have a detached house with a great garden. They plant a lot of different vegetables and to give me about them. The problem is they live (next to Croatian border)  240 km far to Budapest.
Last year, the first I felt that I would like to have a private garden, so I planted a lot of spices and vegetables on my balcony. There was tomatoes, Hungarian paprika, mint, basil, thyme, oregano, chives and etc. and I was proud my plants.
After this I decided to apply a seed bed in a community garden in 14th District. It seems my dream is realized and in this autumn we can start to plant our favorite plants but until then the garden is my balcony.
Click on the photo and look at the other photos as well.

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