Hungarian Christmas

Hungarian Christmas is a little different from Anglo-Saxon. The first Santa Claus comes to children on 6th December and he puts some presents into the clean boots, which are in the windows. It is called Santa Claus package, which is a plastic bag. It consists of Santa Claus chocolate figures of different sizes, a small bar of chocolate, some candies, some walnuts, peanuts, possibly 1 or 2 oranges.

What does orange have to do with Christmas? When I was a child, the tropical fruit was a rare. We could buy it only at Christmas time, but not enough for everybody. It was good idea to be friendly with the shop assistant because there was a greater chance that there was tropical fruit on the Christmas table. If in my Santa Claus bag there was an orange, I thought I was a good child. But back to Christmas. After Santa Claus’day on 6th December in the afternoon or evening on 24th December and he gives hungarian children a beautifully decorated Christmas tree and some presents. This job was done by my parents. I had to sleep in the afternoon, or I was taken to my grandparents. Later when I was older, I decorated the pine with my father and sister together. I makes me feel good, if I remember how my father put the Christmas candies with his big, rough hands. While the Christmas tree was completed, my mother cooked a delicious dinner. I remember every year we argued a little about something, but in the evening there was peace again. Around 5or 6 o’clock in the evening we had dinner and than we had gifts and play. Than we started to play cards and we played until we had to go to the midnight Mass. Then on 25th December it was time for family visits. Grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins came or we wisited them. We used to come and go a lot but we loved it very much.

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