Jewish Eggs – A Delicious Starter

If we would like to prepare at home or in Kitchen Pixie welcome bites what everybody likes and pretty easy to prepare, then we choose the “Jewish eggs”. This is one of the favorite bites in our family and friendship.

As it does not contain any meat our vegetarian friends can eat as well and it is really fast to prepare. To make it creamy we use goose fat and sauted onions. This paté is usually served with Challah, but if we want to give something special we fill it into fresh home-made baguette. It is very delicious with a glass of white wine and with some fresh vegetables (spring onions, tomatoes, radish). Of course we have the “Jewish eggs” as a starter in our Jewish menu in Kitchen Pixie as well and our guests like it very much!

Ingredients: boiled eggs, sauted onions, goose fat, salt, pepper, paprika powder to taste.

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