Strawberry and apricot dumplings

This is the end of the strawberry season and we have made already many different desserts with it but here is one more.

On Tuesday morning we went to the market and we saw we could buy apricot, too. We decided to prepare homemade dumplings with two kinds of fruit. Nowadays you can buy some different flavoured dumplings frozen in Hungarian supermarket, but homemade are more delicious.

The dumpling consists of boiled (old) potatoes, flour, salt, eggs and traditionally we made it with goose fat. At first we boiled potatoes until they became soft. Then we peeled and scrambled them. We added salt, eggs, flour and kneaded. We had a pasta which wasn’t stuck to the wall of the bowl. Then we put it in the fridge for 10 minutes, because you can easily stretch this. After 10 minutes we extended with a rolling bar then cut it into some squares and put a half apricot or strawberry on each. We sprinkled with cinnamon sugar, we folded the corners and we shaped dumplings. Finally we boiled them in hot water and rotated into breadcrumbs and walnut sugar or poppy-seed sugar.

We made gluten-free dumplings, too. Both were delicious.


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