Spicy Mulled Wine

Yesterday it was snowing and this was the first snowfall this winter. Outside it is very cold and lots of people are starting this year suffering from flu.

It isn’t different in our block of flats either. I called one of our neighbours, who had a very bad cold. I tried to give her some practical advice to get better and we talked about homemade treatments. For example, she should eat mashed garlic with honey (it strengthens the immune system) or to drink a palinka (it is a typical strong fruit brandy in Hungary) and then I remembered the delicious mulled wine. I haven’t prepared it since last winter although it is very useful when somebody is cold or has a cold.

I like the taste and flavuor of mulled wine and when our flat is full of this smell. I made the recipe of my father, who prepares it with white wine and a lot of different spices. My mulled wine contained sugar, black peppercorn, bay leaves, chili, cinnamon stick, and cloves.


Do you like mulled wine? What kind of spices does your recipe contain?

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