Turn Rudi or sweet cottage cheese Rudolph

It is a dessert with great history in Hungary and it is the most popular among Hungarian people. It is a rod made from sweet cottage cheese coated in dark chocolate. The first time it was produced in 1968 it was based on a Soviet model. Initially it wasn’t successful, but later … it became a real success story.

Young and old, girl and boy, woman and man, everybody loves it very much. Nowadays there are many types, for example it is filled with various jam, or it is coated with milk chocolate and it has different names. The original is packaged in white plastic with red dots. Foreigners don’t understand how Hungarian people can eat this dessert. In a lot of countries you can buy similar desserts to Turó Rudi, but they are changed to fit the countries tastes.
My sister who lives in Vienna says Austrian Turo Rudi isn’t delicious. Her son only like Hungarian Túró Rudi very much, so when he was a little child, my sister always had to come to Hungary to buy Túró Rudi. This dessert was became very popular with my nephew’s friends and that is why my sister started a kind of Túró Rudi tourism. She went home with 25-30 pieces of Túró Rudi after visiting Hungary….Nowadays my nephew is 13 years old and he still loves it. I think it is an ageless dessert. What do you think?

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