Weekend In Barcelon

People who know us well know that we not only love cooking, but also do excercises. As I remember in a gym we told each other that we were both ecpecting the first child. After the birth of my son I started to run and I still run 2 or 3 times a week.

Ildiko is currently running after 1.5-year Balint, who upstoppably wants to explore the world.

So, last weekend I travelled to Barcelona with an other friend to run the half marathon. If we are in Barcelona, we can’t miss the local food and the local market too. After the first day (we called it shopping day) we rode a bicycle like local people and we didn’t stop at the most famous market. Mercat de la Boqueria is one of the most well-known market there and we were enchanted by it. It was clear for us that we would have breakfast here. A lot of mediterranean vegetables, delicious Serrano hams, fruit juice, and fresh sea food. My idea of heaven. After breakfast we set off to see the sights, but we knew the market closed at 8 pm and we wanted to have dinner too. Unfortunately, we didn’t know not all vendors were open until 8 o’clock and neihter the buffet that we liked. As consolation we had a little ham and looked for a sea food restaurant.

Next day we run the half marathon in 02:02:17.

It was a great tour for us.

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