Fishing in Hungary

As my husband grew up in a small village next to the river Danube, the men in the family have a common fishing days at least once in every season. Of course they eat as well the fish they outreach but the main point of these fishings is to be together and have fun.

They fish different type of fishes, my husband’s favourites are the catfish and the walleye. In case of smaller fishes they salt them then put them into a mixture of flour and paprika powder and they fry them in oil. Walleye is the best with olive oil, parsley and garlic.

People can fish on our smaller rivers and lakes but of course on our bigger rivers like Danube and Tisza river and on lake Balaton as well. In Hungary’s rivers and lakes you can find different types of fishes like walleye, catfish, carp, bream, tench, barbel, pike, etc. Eating fish is not that populary in Hungary as it should be. Fish meat is very healthy with full of proetein and Omega 3.

The strangest thing is that probably one of the most popular fish in Hungary is the hake. This fish is not a native fish here in Hungary, it is comming from the Atlantic ocean. It is delicious and popular but if you visit Hungary and would like to eat fresh fish, taste the tipical, native fish is of Hungary.

Viva walleye and catfish paprikas! 🙂

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