Homemade Pasta

Last week I watched Martha Stewart’s cooking school on TV. In the show she made more types of homemade pasta. I remember 2 things about it.


Firstly, that I have an old noodle maker, which belonged to my mother long time ago. My mother didn’t use it, but I remember when this machine worked a lot. My mother always made the dough herself. When she kneaded it, I usually stole a little piece from it, but she was never angry. I still remember the taste of raw dough.


The other, in the 1980s (when I was a little girl), before any celebrations (wedding, graduation), my mother and her friends made the vermicelli (angel hair pasta) together. It was hard work and great community program (they chatted and laughed a lot) as well and the result were huge of pasta, which were used in the gold chicken broth soup. This pasta was better to taste than what you can buy in the shop.


Unfortunately, I can’t eat normal pasta because I am gluten sensitive. The last 5 years I have tried to make gluten-free pasta but the result wasn’t good. Yesterday I found this Jamie Oliver’s recipe and it worked for me (but I used a little more potato starch in the dough and during the roll out).

I share this recipe with you to see if you need it.



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