St. Martin’s Day

This day is celebrated on 11th November each year.

St. Martin’s day is the last celebration before Christmas. After this the fast starts and lasts for 40 days. On this day a lot of parties, feasts, fairs were organized and the people ate and drunk a lot. According to popular tradition this means if you eat and drink a lot on this day, you will have enough food and drink next year.  In November people used to cut fat geese, so on St. Martin’s day the dishes consisted of goose and for dinner they tasted the new wine.

In Hungary nowadays lots of restaurants offer special Martin’s dishes and you can try e.g. the goose broth, roasted goose leg with cabbage, risotto with goose liver or hamburger with goose meat.


This year I made this dish of confit goose leg with potato balls and beetroot cream. The goose legs were spiced with pepper, thyme and bay leaves and they relaxed in the fridge for a night. Next day I put this goose legs in a big pan and poured a lot of melted goose fat on the top. I preheated the oven at 150 C degrees and put this pan in. I baked the meat for 3 hours. The result was a delicious dinner with juicy goose leg.

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